Wolfy Is Ready For Formal Training With Seeing Eye Dogs Australia

It’s one year since a nine-week-old puppy playfully bounded into Barbara Martin’s life.

The Essendon woman welcomed Wolfy the Golden Labrador Retriever cross into her home knowing that, while she wouldn’t have him forever, he would go on to be an important companion for others.

Now 13 months, Wolfy is the second Seeing Eye Dog puppy Ms Martin has cared for fulltime.

Every morning she takes him on a 4km walk along the banks of the Maribyrnong River.

“We’ll tend to go out somewhere in the afternoon, shopping or on public transport,” she said.

“We go to Highpoint or, if we go out to lunch, he comes too.”

Ms Martin said the role was full-on but rewarding.

“There’s times I’ve told him he can go back (to where I got him),” she said.

“They’re just such loveable dogs and their temperament is fantastic.

“It hurts so much to say goodbye but the reward is knowing that you have played a significant part in producing a dog who will give a vision-impaired person independence and be a loyal, loving companion.”

Wolfy will fly to Sydney on February 1 to start formal training.

Special thanks to Natalie Savino and Moonee Valley Leader

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